Today is the day - the kickoff of our Sony Startup Acceleration Program!

With that, we would like to congratulate and welcome each of the talented 9 startups we will be working with over the course of the next 11 weeks.

We are very excited to have such an inspiring field of startups on board for what will surely be a learning and growing experience for all. Without further ado the SSAP Europe team is happy to present to you our participants:

Autonomy Now (Poland) - Advanced Driver Assistance System. Developing autonomous systems enabling higher levels of safety in the automotive industry.

​Cambrian Intelligence​ (UK) - Add-on to collaborative and industrial robots. The AI-based solution gives the robot arm human-level skills for various manufacturing tasks such as pick and place, binpicking, cable insertion and more.

​Condense Reality​ (UK) - Using live-streaming volumetric video software and tech solutions to improve broadcast consumer experiences.

​Fotenix​ (UK) - Developer of crop analysis tool designed to increase efficiency in the agri-food industry.

General Prognostics (GPx)​ (Spain & USA) - Simulates continuous blood biomarker monitoring to ensure optimal therapy levels that prevent acute events in cardio-renal patients.

IBISA NETWORK​ (Luxembourg) - Developer of a global risk-sharing platform designed to tackle the problem of uninsurability of farmers.

Imageens​ (France) - AI-based image analysis platform to support treatment decisions in cardiovascular health.​​​​​​​​ (Luxembourg) - Game balancing platform used to design, simulate and handoff game systems.

​SERG Technologies​ (UK) - Digital health platform with a patented sensor suite and ML engine for early diagnosis, passive monitoring, and non-invasive treatment of Parkinsonian symptoms.

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